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The number of Bitcoin Startups goes up

Since Bitcoin came into being a few years ago, a number of Bitcoin startups have sprung up to establish their footprints. Most of these businesses provide the necessary exchange and trading services to users. Needless to say, start-ups are also a dream come true for individuals and institutional investors, and it can cause them to pop up. 

It should also be noted that Bitcoin startups, coupled with lower cost of living and high return on investment potential, have become much more popular. They also offer more scalability than an established business, which is why some venture capitalists are willing to put their money away. The time for Bitcoin began to age and everything grew on a large scale. 

Despite the high failure rate associated with startups, the number of successful startups of Bitcoin is quite high. Not only the United States, Canada, Russia and several other countries in Europe, but also in Asia and Africa have come a number of Bitcoin startup engines. India, for example, has become a popular destination for such companies. 

Bitcoin Startups in India

A number of Bitcoin startups have appeared in India to provide the necessary services. One such organization is Zebpay, a Bitcoin wallet provider that has been in the news lately as it builds a new financial circle between $ 4 and $ 5 million following a $ 1 million investment the company acquired earlier this year. has. 

Another such Bitcoin startup in India is BTCXIndia and Coinsecure, based in Delhi. The two businesses are doing fairly well and are expected to grow in the industry. Coinsecure, for example, raised its own $ 1. 2 million in April and is currently hunting for $ 3. 5-3. 8 million in the coming months. '

Bitcoin Startups in Asia and Other Regions

As mentioned above, some Bitcoin startup is appearing in India and other regions, it seems that the market is confident about the future of the cryptocurrency. Like many new start-ups from Fintech and e-commerce around the world, the Bitcoin startups are growing in the market and also receiving attractive investments. 

Despite this, this Bitcoin startup not only meets the expectations of the investors but also of the users who feel happy that their options are growing like never before. So the overall ecosystem improves and moves it to the next levels. 


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